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These Indicators are used by many Hedge Funds & Pro Traders. Rigorously Tested, are 90% Accurate & Average 100+ pips/day.

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4 Reasons Why Forex Traders & Investors Trust Our FX Signals!

Consistently High Win/Loss Ratio (3:1)

1Our Forex Signals are timed and delivered in a manner that ensures a low rate of failure. FSP members regularly realize a win/loss ratio of 3-to-1, an average win of 28 pips and average loss of 13.

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SmartRisk System for Drawdown Management

2Our SmartRisk System ensures that if a trade starts to go negative, its initial position size is gradually reduced before it hits its Stop Loss. This ensures that only half of the initial risk equity is actually lost!

forex signals provider itm financial

Split-Second Execution Trade Copier Service

3Our Trade Copier Service is one of the fastest trade copier (mirror trading) services in the world. All FSP Forex Signals / Trades are executed on member accounts within 0.5 seconds of release.

forex signals provider itm financial

Predictive Neural Networks Technology

4Our Unique, Proprietary, State-of-the-Art Neural Networks Technology (NeuroTech OS) allows us to adapt to ANY market conditions and secure consistently profitable trading results.

forex signals provider itm financial

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