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Binary International – Honest Review

Binary International

Binary International at is a new brokerage out of the UK and Anguilla.  This brokerage has set out to differentiate itself from every other brokerage on 3 levels.  First, easy withdrawals and high payouts are a priority.  Two, software packages that are given to every traders so they can learn of how to trade and test different methods.  Three, customer service is always there to help with questions and set ups.

In this industry, we deal with scores of brokers each day and we have to say, we have never been more impressed with Binary Internationals overall service and platform.

A. The software packages are awesome!  There are 60 second indicators, 5 minute indicators, and 1 hour indicators, all part of signing up with Binary International.  The full software suite they offers covers all different binary trading styles and you can even make up your own style and test it out on a demo account before trying it with real money.  This is the only brokerage online that gives you so much training and trading software – kudos to them!

B. Payouts – We found their payout ratios to be quite high and up to industry standard.  As far as receiving money back to our accounts, this was the most impressive timeframe.  We have our credit card refunded within 24 hours of submitting all of the verification paperwork (Know Your Customer Rules) and then had a bank wire done 24 hours later for our winnings.  This is a nice seamless process that Binary International set up, and the industry needs it.

C.  The trading platform is top notch and it is the same platform used by the leading brokers in the industry.  It was quick and reliable and worked well on our Iphone, and tablets.

D.  The customer service was great.  We didn’t need to use it much since we know our way around the forex and binary industry, but when we did we talked to Steve and he was very helpful, patient, and checked back on our support ticket to see if we were happy.

E. High Bonuses – Binary International has a tiered bonus system of up to 200%.  Very nice touch.

As the world of binary and forex gets more blurred each day, it is very important to get a good broker. A broker you can trust and know you are going to get paid after trading.  Binary International passed all our trading and payment tests with flying colors and we would have no problems sending them more money and making them our primary binary brokerage.

As you can see, all links here are straight links, no affiliate tags to their site, so we are not getting paid or rewarded for this review or sending them traffic.

Binary International –

Binary International

Binary International


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