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Forex Peace Army Scams or Honest Reviews?

Forex Peace Army Scam

Forex Peace Army Scam

It is very common for newcomers in the Forex Trading Industry to believe sites like ForexPeaceArmy ~

This site has a number of notable features aside from the fact that it is simple to navigate as the features are right there on the landing page. endeavors to offer vital information which will definitely inform one’s choice when it comes to choosing a signal provider. Among some of the notable features of the site include:

1. The whole site is actually simple though the color theme in my opinion is rather dull. On the right side of the home page, there are live streams or rather quotes of currency rates, indexes and commodities which are very useful to traders in this particular case, referring to the live currency rates feeds for the forex traders. Also, on the page, you can find forum posts (on the left side of the page).

2. Due to the increasing number of scammers in the foreign exchange market, the site offers a huge number of reviews of some of the top forex signal providers. With these reviews, a trader can be able to compare a number of forex signal providers before settling on one. The areas that are highlighted in most of these reviews include the cost of the signal service subscription among the different providers, the effectiveness of the forex signals, how the signals are delivered among other factors.
The truth of the matter is that the FPA have been reported as a scam several times, and have promoted themselves as some sort of “authority” in the forex world, their presentation seems to be such as if they are a legal entity with governance powers, all of which is completely false.

In reality, the owner of FPA has several complaints against him and his various sites, some of those complaints come from big brokerages and signals services. They do not let services like ours reply to fraudulent reviews, and as a result they hurt our business. There are many places online where you will hear from people saying that they accept money to remove such fraudulent reviews, which is completely illegal.

Please visit this link where there is a full discussion of how ForexPeaceArmy is not what people think it is, instead it is very much a fully reported scam:

Here is another link to another thread on a very big forum, that reveals the truth about FPA:

Some  reviews on the site are  fraudulent, because in December alone processed over $27,500 in refunds alone.  This was during their worst trading month to day. You can contact – The World’s #1 Payments & Security Solutions company about this to verify our claims.

Don’t bother trying to contact FPA with a full description of “what really happened”, explanation reviews were not posted on their site despite several attempts to contact them. When we read these other sites’ reviews and complaints about FPA, we realized why.

FPA is lucky that we didn’t file for legal action — A site like theirs has no effect on our business because our customers know we treat them fairly and have never ever withheld refunds if they are due according to the 60-day Refund Guarantee. is a professional company, fully Audited by and fully Verified by, the world’s leading Payments & Security Solutions Provider.


  1. DaveDave01-16-2014

    Hello: I have to say that I don’t agree with your statement here about Forex Peace Army.

    In fact, Forex Peace Army has helped me (and many others in the same way) to identify many scam companies, that in the name of Forex, have literally dried the pockets of many people, who stumbled upon them. All in all, I don’t think they offer a bad service, warning us about potential scam companies, in afct, it’s quite the opposite, they are helping us save thousands of dollars in the process, with their accurate opinions about scam companies.


    • Forex Trading UpdatesForex Trading Updates01-17-2014

      Yes, they certainly try to do some good…their motives are what is suspect.

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